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Our Story

We are Panther City Hat Company and we hail from Fort Worth, TX. For those history buffs, Fort Worth was nicknamed Panther City and has adopted the “Panther” as it’s mascot. The name came from a rivalry between Dallas and Fort Worth in the late 1800’s. We are proud to say that we are both born and raised in Fort Worth! So what better way to honor the city we love than making cool hats and apparel for everyone to enjoy?! Let’s be clear, though...Panther City Hat Co. is not just a hat company for those who love Fort Worth. Our hats and apparel are for everyone, because the Panther City name embodies everyone that is proud to be where they are from. We are a husband and wife team that strive to create quality, attractive hats and apparel to fit your lifestyle. When people see you wearing Panther City Hat Co. apparel they ARE going to ask you where you got it. It is our mission to make sure that you can tell them proudly about Panther City Hat Co.

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